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All good communications plans identify a target audience, or audiences. Unfortunately, too many target “the general public”.

 There are two main problems with this: it’s rarely true and nearly impossible to measure.

 It’s rarely true because there are few communications efforts that truly aim to reach the entire population. Those that do should think about creating custom versions tailored to specific audience segments. It’s nearly impossible to measure because, to do so, you have to find out if you achieved your objective with “the general public” – and that is a nearly impossible to effectively measure.

 A key power of social media is the ability to target niche audiences – and measure how well you did. This is especially relevant to the federal government that has a communications policy mandating all communications reflect the diversity of Canadian society. This must be top of mind when developing communications plans and should lead to questions like:

 •are Canada’s diverse cultural communities talking about our department or agency’s issues?

•if so, where are those conversations happening?

•if they’re not sharing on the major social networks like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter are they doing it somewhere else?

•do we have a presence in the places where they are sharing and if not, should we?

Do you know how to find out where people of different cultures share online?

I’ve never done this before but I just had to highlight one of the blog’s on my blogroll: Beth Kanter’s. Beth is a full-time social media consultant based in the US. When I started my blog and I asked myself the question: how can I add value beyond what Beth is doing? My answer was to focus on Canada which I try to do but often I find myself trying to find Canadian angles on Beth’s ideas. So, I thought it was important just to remind folks who may not have subscribed to Beth’s blog yet to check it out.

Her latest post is about her experience flying Virgin America where she consistently meets people working in social media. Perhaps one of reasons is, as Beth points out. Virgin has wi-fi. Wi-fi on planes? I’d heard it was possible – but learned it existed through Beth.

Beth, since I suspect you’re listening: thanks.

Have you caught the Google Wave?

Author: Robin Browne

I’m checking out a video demo of Google Wave, Google’s  new collaborative tool coming out later this year. It lets you use one browser tool do many of things that you now do using different tools – email, instant messaging, photo sharing, among others. I’ve only  watched the the first ten minutes and I’m already blown away. In classic Google fashion they’ve turned on whole concept of traditional one-to-one conversation even more on its head than they first did with Gmail. Waves are hosted conversations where people come and contribute to the evolving whole instead of sending pieces to different people like with email.

This is yet another game changer from Google. Very cool.  But don’t take my word for it. Check out the demo.

ps. It’s about an hour and a half.

I caught another great presentation today by Mike Kujawski of the Centre for Excellence in Public Sector Marketing. The topic was using social media for internal communications in the Canadian federal government and the format was, as usual, great, funny, image-based slides backed up with great spoken content and interesting, informative videos.

I was particularly impressed with the videos Mike used to explain social media tools like wikis and social networks.  They are simple, clear and funny and refreshingly low-tech. They’re made by CommonCraft “a small company owned by Lee and Sachi LeFever in Seattle, Washington”. Lee narrates the video in an upbeat, funny style. The videos aren’t free but at $20 bucks they’re well worth it if you’re trying to persuade management to give social media.

Here’s a link to the video Wikis in Plain English that Mike played.


The CBC show The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos is currently spearheading a campaign called One Million Acts of Green. The goal is simple: get Canadians to collectively do a million small actions to help the environment and post them all on a website. They launched the campaign in October ’08 and by the simplest measure it has succeeded because, at last count, the site listed nearly 1.5 million acts. However, by another measure, the campaign has been a dismal failure: the number of videos submitted. That stands at zero.

This confirms something that YouTube usage stats, and web stats in general,  always scream: that many people consume content but a very small percentage create it.

So, if you were thinking “We will build a YouTube contest and they will come”.  I wouldn’t say don’t do it but I would say. Think twice. Think twice.

So it was with great delight that I got an email from the organizer of my kid’s hockey league inviting me to join the league wiki. This was partly because I had been thinking of using a wiki to make my job of team manager easier – but the league wiki beat me to it.

The wiki is built on the Wetpaint platform that I had not heard of before. It’s clean, simple and useful. It’s got the calendar, team lists, and standings. We can add players of the week, edit and add pages.

I can see how it totally makes sense for the league organizer as it means way less email for him – and less email is something you can take to the bank (that is, as long as the bank is still there…)


Share This – easily

Author: Robin Browne

Cool. I was just on Jay Moonah’s site trying to download his very cool promo for the CMA’s Mass to Grass Word of Mouth Marketing Conference and used ShareThis for the first time to share something to my blog. Very easy. It automaticallly created this blog post to which I simply added the text you’re reading now.

The only critique is that the option to share by downloading the mp3 is not available and that’s what I wanted as I wanted to include the audio of the promo in this week’s episode of my podcast.

Hey, nothing’s perfect.

Blog post title: Mass To Grass WOM Conference Promo

Blog post body: Mass To Grass WOM Conference Promo

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Welcome to Episode #6 of Looking Good Naked – Marketing the Social Economy – The ConsciousImages Podcast for Sunday, June 1, 2008. This week: Advocates for a free and open Internet take their fight inside and outside Parliament and show they are anything but neutral about the issue of Net Neutrality.

· Audio comment line: 206-202-6340

· Email: consciousimages(at)gmail(dot)com

· iTunes!!


· Canadian Voices – great podcasts by thought provoking Canadians that will only get consumed as podcasts cause they’re an hour long.

o Darin Barney – professor of Communication Studies at McGill University where he holds a Canada Research Chair in Communication and Media Studies. – One Nation Under Google: Citizenship in the Technological Republic

o Michael Geist – Copyright law and Facebook group. Law professor at the University of Ottawa where he holds the Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-commerce Law. Our Own Creative Land: Cultural Monopoly and the Trouble with Copyright

· Mass to Grass – Word of Mouth Marketing Conference put on by CMA

o Thursday, June 12 – Toronto – $700 bucks

o Mitch Joel and Jay Moonah, great promo by Jay

· Net Neutrality rally May 27 Rally on Parliament Hill

o Advocates main issued clarified: Net neutrality is about big Telcos and Cable slowing down services that compete with theirs

o Bell Quebec’s high speed internet customers are bringing a class action suit against Bell for traffic shaping

o Speeches on YouTube

· Microsoft takes two steps back and one step forward:

o Apple continues to kick Microsoft butt in mp3 player market as Zune gets dropped by major retailer;

o Microsoft makes desperate move to stop Google from continuing to kick its butt in search by launching Live Search cashback

o One big step forward….more later on this….

Interview with NDP digital spokesperson, MP Charlie Angus at the May 27 Net Neutrality rally.

Charlie Angus introduces Net Neutrality private members’ bill.

This Week’s Five Game Changers:

5. Mastercard tests cellphone bill payment – by waving cell in front of device – for the next four months in various places in the world (Carnet Techno)

4. Rogers launched HTC Shift laptop computer May 22 –

        · can effortlessly Shift between Windows Mobile and Vista.

        · Wi-Fi enabled

        · Shift looks a lot like Asus Eee PC that the the Royal Bank is giving away to new customers

        · Shift still pricey at over $2,000.

3. Findloo – universal search – Web; images; video; definitions; books/CDs/DVDs/; cooking; finances; games; health; movies

2. Windows 7 operating system with touch screen

1. 3G is coming – big time. Canadian government 3G, or Advanced Wireless Spectrum Auction and 3G iphone coming June 9 during the keynote of the Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. Way too expensive now but that’s going to change and then what’s that going to mean? Folks can download movies to their phones?

My first bilingual episode. A challenge but very cool. Listen to the English here.

The first ever all French LGN episode! English to follow shortly….