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I took in a great conversation last week about mobile social networks like Foursquare between Mitch Joel of Six Pixels of Separation and Joseph Jaffe of Powered. But this post isn’t about the topic of the conversation. It’s about how I took part.

The conversation was live on Talkshoe, the live online talk show and discussion group service. When I signed in to the call I was given the option to do so as a Guest or to sign up for a free Talkshoe account – and use my real name. I looked at who was already on the call and saw a list that looked like this:

Guest55, Guest76, Guest14….

After I signed up the list looked like this:

Guest55, Guest76, Guest14, RobinBrowne.

I then took active part in the online chat available during most webinars. By doing so, people could see that my comments were coming from RobinBrowne and not Guest66.

Whether you work on your own or are the personal face of your organisation via its Twitter account, commenting on blogs or however else, signing up for webinars with your real name and taking part in, and adding value to, the conversation is a simple, great way to build your rep as a thought leader in your area.

And, if Talkshoe’s chat stream is public like the last webinar  I took, Google picks it up (as it has already done with this post). That means your smart chat comments will show up when people Google your name – as they always will before they do business with you or your organisation (or donate, or whatever you want them do to).

If you have any quick personal branding tips to share, please leave a comment!