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In a world where a million things are competing for your audience’s attention what will make them pay attention to you? Loyalty.

Loyalty, built brick by brick by providing value to communities and their members for free, is your money in the bank.

When it’s time for your non-profit to ask for donations people will give if you’ve been giving to them by adding value to conversations they’re having online and off. When people need a product or service that you and others provide, they will choose you over your competitor if you’ve been providing more great, free content.

Is providing great content hard? No. It’s not because, with so much great stuff out there, you don’t have to create anything new, you just have to sift through the piles to find the gems your audience cares about. The value is in the sifting. And if you want to really take it to the next level throw in some analysis of what you sift and people will love and share your content.

This is the first followup to my post,  Want people to love your content? Let them co-create it. that gives a great example of how to do just that.

The latest email I received from the very informative Social Media Examiner has an article titled “21 Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fanbase“.  I haven’t got through the whole thing yet (I think webland has made me incapable of absorbing 21 things at a time) however, I did get far enough to find one tip that inspired this new blog segment.  Here it is:

Tip #7: Get Fans to Tag Photos

If you host live events, be sure to take plenty of photos (or even hire a professional photographer), load the photos to your fan page and encourage fans to tag themselves.

This tip combines two powerful ways to get people to love your content:

1) Hold, or help your clients hold, face-to-face meetings

2) Encourage them to record and upload what happens in those meetings (and give them the tools if needed)

Because they’re at the meetings they’re in the content and there’s nothing people love more than reading about, hearing or seeing themselves in content they helped create themselves. Well, maybe the one thing they love more is sharing that content with others.

Got a good co-creation idea? Feel free to co-create by leaving a comment!