I play soccer every Monday night, work out with a work colleague in the gym in our building on Thursdays and power walk with a friend on Saturdays. I exercise with others because, like many people, when I try doing it on my own I don’t.

Why don’t we learn with others like we exercise with others?

Everyone gets how important it is to exercise – and how hard it is to get motivated to do it regularly on your own. So, in a knowledge economy, where ideas and information sell for billions, why don’t more of us realize how important it is to keep learning – and how hard it is to do that regularly on our own?

Now, for those of you thinking, “But lots of people do realize it. How about all those people in book clubs, eh?” Well, one stat (I just looked up on Google) said less than 2% of Americans were in offline book clubs in 2011. I couldn’t find a Canadian stat (please share if you’ve got one) but I doubt it’s much different.

Do you set learning goals and pursue them with other people?

I attend social media Meetups and Social Media Breakfasts that are forms of social learning. We’re a bunch of people in one room, there to learn the same thing. People tweet during the presentations, sharing their knowledge with their networks. I record the events and post them for everyone who can’t make it.

But we don’t set learning goals for those events.┬áIf so many people get how important it is to learn and how important it is to set goals then why don’t more people set learning goals?

Book club attendees set one clear learning goal – read a book a month – but, hey, they’re less than 2% of the population.

Well, one of the best ways I learn is by blogging regularly. But I’ve often set goals for how many posts I’d like to write but haven’t been able to stick to them. The question is, how can I use the power of group learning to keep myself blogging regularly?

The first thing that comes to mind is hooking up with other bloggers, writing on topics that interest me, who are also trying to find ways to stay motivated to write regularly. We could agree to read, and comment on, each other’s stuff.

I like it. If you are such a blogger, please comment and let’s hook up.

Do you set learning goals?


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