This weekend, my wife showed me ShowMe – and I had my next blog post.

ShowMe is a site full of short, simple, visual tutorials that help you learn just about anything you want. The first one we watched had a nice, clear male voice talking over a video showing a neat trick to learn the 9 times table. The second one showed another trick but was voiced, and created by, a kid who couldn’t have been more than 11.

This was really got me. ShowMe lets anyone create tutorials and is so easy to use even kids can become teachers.

Check it out:

ShowMe bills itself as “a global learning community – a place where anyone can learn or teach anything.”

Sounds great and they have a great technology, but there are issues:

1) From what I can tell, you can only create tutorials using an iPad (you can view on any device). This limits creating to those who can afford an iPad.

2) The site doesn’t appear to vet videos to verify if what they’re teaching is correct. That’s left up to the learner.

3) The search function isn’t great so finding videos you watched, and liked, before, is a challenge (at least it was for me for one video).

However, it’s a great start and I’ll definitely show it to my kids and encourage them to be creators as well as consumers of knowledge.



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