This is a story about why it’s so important to take action on ideas: because it’s not about the success of the idea. It’s about what you learn through trying to achieve that success.

People take interest when you take action

There are a couple of university radio stations in our town and one of them has a long-running show focussing on local people who are making things happen.

We know the hosts so I emailed them about SpellWizards and they asked to interview us. Now, neither of my boys had ever been interviewed on the radio before and were apprehensive at first. However, after explaining that the fear they were feeling was “good” fear, I convinced them to go for it.

Preparation is key to success

Next, the host emailed us questions to which we wrote answers, in plain language – just the way the boys talk. Then we practiced with mommy playing host. Then we practiced again – and again.
I’m still trying to get the audio file of the interview to post so you can judge the result for yourself, but we think they did pretty good! Although they had their answers in their hands (an advantage radio has over TV), they didn’t sound like they were reading and they even felt confident enough to ad lib bits!

Lessons learned

What the boys learned from this:
1) Take action and people will take interest.
2) Being well prepared is key to overcoming the fear of failure.
3) How radio interviews work.

Let the learning continue!

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  1. akram Says:

    Robber great post! Just for the first line alone “it’s not about the success of the idea. It’s about what you learn through trying to achieve that success.” This is a critical lesson to impart to your sons. There is no failure only learning in everything therefore try to do your best at everything. As you and I have talked over twenty years your self image is tied to a sense of self and if you see your-self as always in draft process the final draft is when you draw your last breath. In the meanwhile you continue to draft and draft in other words actualizing one idea after another like a first time radio interview or a business idea like spelwizards.

    Perhaps Jaedon and Kasai can start to write a blog post as something to try, learn and master about their business idea. Great stuff keep posting brother!

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