With any business, you want hire employees that get along. That’s why one of the number one things on every employer’s mind during interviews is: will this person be a good fit for the team? This could not be more true for our business since it requires just two employees who spend the entire day together in and around a canopy the size of a one-car garage. If they don’t get along, the days will be very long for both of them, and could lead to high turnover.

So it’s in our interest to hire people who will get along really well. But how do we do that? We can’t do it by trial and error. We need to nail it the first time to avoid work interruptions due to people leaving.

One of the other franchisees said they look for employees who have the right attitude and are team players – and that has worked for them.

For us, having the right attitude means having an environmental consciousness that recognizes that we’re not trying to save the planet -we’re trying to save ourselves. We also want folks who want to work for a company that does business in a way that respects people – whether they’re customers, employees or suppliers. If all our employees share these values, that’s a good basis for a good relationship.

One of the key ways to get employees is to place a Help Wanted Ad. The trick to attracting the right kind of people is placing the right kind of ad. That means ensuring your ad clearly reflects your business’ values. Here’s part of our ad that we put on the Ottawa edition of Ebay-owned Kijiji (the first was free and the second one we paid $30 for better visibility):

Puresteam Auto Spa is hiring! Do you want to keep our planet a place we can (and want to) live? Would you enjoy working in a team of two, with minimal supervision? If so, lets talk! We want people who care about the environment and are friendly, reliable and punctual, among other things.

It seems to have worked because we got only three responses – and hired two of them! Our interviews were really just to quickly meet the people and let them see that we’re real (and really nice ;)).

We have one returning employee who is great. We had a meeting so she could meet the new hire she’ll be working with and they got along beautifully. Looks like we’re off to a good start!

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