I was talking to a friend the other day about marketing to diverse communities and he said I should check out his friend’s company Dakima marketing. When I did I felt like jumping up and yelling, "Finally!".

I have been searching in vain for a company that does what Dakima claims it does for about a  year now. I have set up Google Alerts on "marketing and diversity" that have returned few , if any, quality leads. And I have to say that, in a country as diverse as Canada, I’m shocked because it seems there is an obvious market for such services.

Clearly the people behind Dakima think the same thing. The company bills itself as "Your partner in creating inspiring communications for audiences in today’s increasingly multicultural Canada." Right on.

And judging from their client list, that includes American Express, McAfee and Canada Post Corporation, Dakima has a knack for getting clients to jump aboard the diversity train.

One big question I have is what language or languages does Dakima work in?

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