My Google Alerts just delivered this challenge to conventional wisdom from the Results for Canadians: Measuring Success in Government blog by Laura Wesley who works for a Canadian government federal department.

Laura’s Feb. 26 post titled, “World’s Most Modern Management Idea” – Fortune Magazine starts with this:

“Recently I was reading “Results-based Leadership” written by one of the most integrity-focused businessmen I have ever had the pleasure to meet & hear speak – Dave Ulrich, and his colleagues Jack Zenger, Norm Smallwood (who are probably also wonderful :) ).

The first chapter already had me hooked, but one phrase stood out for me right away – “Sears research has demonstrated a linear correlation leading from employee satisfaction to customer satisfaction to investor results.” This research lead the CEO of Sears to place his employees first, customers second, and investors third.”

Now my take on this is that it’s not about putting anyone first or second but rather focusing on developing great relationships with everyone – employees, customers and suppliers – based on respect and mutual long term sustainable development. This is what social economy organizations are great at and another reason they are so well positioned to use social media that enables building strong, long term relationships.