So we all have yet another reason to consider adding video games to our marketing/communications mix.

Here’s a timeline of things that caught my attention:

May 2007 The launch of Grand Theft Auto IV sets an interactive entertainment record by generating $500 million in sales its first week.

October 2008 Barack Obama places campaign ads in nine video games.

March 2009 In the middle of the worst recession of all time, Ottawa-based “branded entertainment” company, Fuel Industries, holds a a job fair. (A lot of Fuel’s involve very game-like features) .

July 2009 My tweet from yesterday, “Despite the [recession], the video game market is expected to increase by around 10% year-over-year." Ottawa Citizen

And now the Ontario government is shelling out millions to help video game maker Ubisoft open a $750-million development studio in Toronto.

Have you got game?

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