Today’s Social Media Breakfast Ottawa 10 featured David Crow, Microsoft Canada’s User Experience Evangelist and founder of DemoCamp and Founder & Funders.

SMB Ottawa co-organiser, Ryan Anderson, introduced David saying they chose him because they wanted a social media presentation focused on people, not technology. However, social media being both “social” and “media” it’s hard to focus exclusively on one or the other. The topics are wonderfully intertwined and so it was in David’s presentation.

Speaking to yet another sold out crowd of the social media converted, David laid out Microsoft’s philosophy for operating on the social web. His key messages were:

1) It doesn’t matter how many people read, listen or watch your content. What matters is how many people your content can get talking about thing they care about.

2) You must aspire to be the best in the world – not just the best in Canada.

3) Aspiring to such greatness means convincing lots of people to work with you.

For more – enjoy the conversation.

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