Flipping over the Flip camcorder!

Author: Robin Browne

Well, I have to say that I’m blown away by the value packed in to my new $120 Flip camcorder ($120 tax-free because I found it online on my local Kijiji and bought it from a woman who had won a brand new one at a corporate event and didn’t want it. I love Kijiji!)

So far I have mostly great things to report about the Flip.

It is incredibly easy to start and keep using. My 9-yr-old picked it up and started shooting videos of his ham-inclined brother right away – to the great mirth of them both when they played them back. It has a built in USB plug that “flips” up (hence the name) for easy video transfer, although it’s a little disconcerting how they’ve made the USB plug flexible which makes it seem broken.

When you first plug in the Flip it automatically installs FlipShare software that lets you play, copy, delete or export videos. Exporting makes a copy of the video on your hard drive leaving the videos on the camera intact.

Using some footage I shot a recent dinner party and Windows Movie Maker I made a quick, funny video in about a half-hour – and that’s my first time. Once you get good you could create simple, entertaining stuff in minutes.

My only beef with the Flip – and it’s a big one – is it doesn’t work with my Macbook. I’m going to contact Flip about this because I thought that as the camcorder of choice for social media mavens this would be a given.

I’ll keep you, ahem, posted (a little blog humour there).

ps. Sorry, can’t share the video I made because I promised not to put it on YouTube but I can share this one:

Enjoy. I know I will keep on enjoying Flipping.