In a recent blog post about how much I love my new Flip camcorder, I said the one problem I have with it is that it doesn’t work with my MacBook.

After I wrote that I heard nothing. No comments from anyone – including Flip.

Well, yesterday, I figured out that my Flip does work with my MacBook (yeah!). The thing is, I figured it out on my own – with no help from Flip.

By not helping me, Flip missed an opportunity to turn me in to a loyal  – Flipper.

Now, there could be many reasons Flip didn’t respond:

1) They’re not monitoring the net.

Unlikely for a company that big since monitoring is easy and free.

2) They are monitoring but missed my post.

Very unlikely since tools like Google Alerts pick up pretty much everything.

3) They are monitoring, saw my post but didn’t think it important enough to respond to.

This is the most likely scenario and, if it’s true, Flip has it wrong. It would have cost them nothing to leave a comment on my blog clarifying that the Flip works just fine with the Mac.

I would have been happy. I would have told people. Instead, I wrote this post.

And Flip weren’t the only ones who missed the boat. Their competitors did too. They could have left a comment saying how their camcorders work great with the Mac (without saying that Flip’s doesn’t, which would be a lie) and I would probably have switched to their product.

Listening is easy.

Listening and responding is power.

Is your organization listening and responding?