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This post is about an old problem with new causes.

My oldest kid uses my iPad for school and, like any smart device, it’s a challenge to make sure he really uses it for school when he’s supposed to. With him, that occasionally means taking the iPad and, until now, sometimes changing the password so he can’t access it (you may know where this is going).

The problem with the changing the password, is remembering what I changed it to. This is especially challenging when a holiday falls just after I change it – which is what happened at Christmas. We went away and when we came back and he tried to get in to the iPad and his password wouldn’t work. He tried three times and I tried seven times over several days. That’s when I learned that after you try ten wrong ¬†passwords, the iPad locks and the only way to unlock it is to erase all the data.¬†No problem if you’ve made backups. We hadn’t.

Old problem: losing data with no backup.
New causes: parental attempts to control smart devices

Teachers are confronting similar challenges in schools embracing Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policies that encourage students to bring and use their smart devices for learning. But, rather than looking for ways to force students to use their devices for the right things, we should look for better ways to help students develop their intrinsic motivation for learning so they keep themselves on task.

How do you build intrinsic motivation in your students (whether they’re yours or someone else’s)?