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Nothing like a week in Cuba to remind you that many of the ideas discussed on this blog are completely useless to people without reliable, high speed internet access.

My experience of Cuban internet access was going to the place in our hotel where I could pay $10 for 1 hour of access. However, instead of being able to purchase an hour of good, old fast wifi access, my $10 would instead get me 60 minutes tethered to an ancient desktop using what was described as painfully slow internet. And, oh yeah, there was no printer.

I learned from our taxi driver, Angelo, that home internet access is too expensive for most Cubans. This got me wondering how Cuba manages to produce world class doctors if they’re studying without access to the net at home… Do the schools have reliable access? Do they study abroad?

Even if average Cubans don’t have access to the net themselves, I had one experience suggesting they understand its power.

I offered to say good things on the net about the hotel employee who hooked us up with Angelo and our taxi to Havana. However, he asked me not to because he does his taxi business on the side and the government hotel owners scan the net for mentions of employees advertising their moonlighting activities using the hotel name. It seems they turn a blind eye to the activity itself but not the marketing of it. So the employee asked me to be “discreet”. Although, how I can direct potential customers his way without also directing the hotel authorities to him, I haven’t figured out.

But I don’t want to paint Cuba as a have not country when it comes to innovative, collaborative education just because they have sketchy net access. Any country that has managed to produce world class health and education systems despite years of punishing sanctions imposed by the most powerful country on the planet no doubt has a lot to teach the world’s educators about doing amazing things with very little.